Stop using 4 digit numeric passwords on your phone

a 4-digit numeric passcode would only take 34 minutes to brute force, while an 8 digit alphanumeric passcode would still take over a million years

Source: [FREE] Apple Versus the FBI, Understanding iPhone Encryption, The Risks for Apple and Encryption – Stratechery by Ben Thompson

This is a very good read on Apple’s fight with the FBI over what are appropriate measures to access data on an alleged terrorist’s phone.

A few key differences between taquerias in Portland, Oregon and taqueries in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero

A few key differences between taquerias in Portland, Oregon and taquerias in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero:

  1. Cost per taco (3x in Portland)
  2. Months since the pop song currently playing on the radio was released (2 months in Portland, 6 in Zihua)
  3. The skin color of people who feel conspicuous because they are in the taqueria

Maturing as an avalanche

Sometimes maturing isn’t gradual, but an episode. You’re going along in life, comfortably set in your ways for some time, when something shifts your perspective. And quickly (over days, weeks, or months — but relatively quickly) a lot of thoughts are set in unstoppable motion and you may be unsettled for a while, until decisions and new habits condense and you arrive at a new static equilibrium and realize that You Are Different and you can point back to it and say “That happened.”