Goals for 2013

Rocket Lift’s purpose is to help our team live the lives we want while making a difference for clients and projects that improve the world. (We happen to make great websites.) Sounds nice, right? But it only has meaning if we take it seriously, which means assessing how we’re doing.

I was excited to see Tim Smith write up [Edit: now a broken link] his goals for the year ahead, making plain exactly what it means for us to help him live the life he wants. (It’s also great because successful people set goals.) I’ve asked everyone on our team to write up their own personal goals for 2013.

Here are mine.

Doing Cools Things

  • By end of June, spend at least half time on local food
  • Write something worth reading at least once a month
  • Learn improvizational jazz piano
  • Make mattheweppelsheimer.com a showcase of WordPress as a garden for personal data-ownership and controlled social connections


  • Visit my brother in Denver at least once for a couple of weeks while working
  • Travel overseas while working
  • Visit Kirsten and Eric in Minnesota while working
  • Live for a month in Eastern Washington while working


  • Resume regular contact with good friends
  • Remain every bit as in love as I am right now
  • Track data on SAD in a quantified-self style.


  • Maintain 150lbs
  • Learn to cook food I love without dairy and gluten


  • Make Rocket Lift kick ass and thrive without my full time attention
  • Sell $10k/month of [that exciting thing that’s a secret]
  • Pay off debt, leaving only student loans

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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Thift Shop” is my new jam. It’s super fun. It helps that it’s the catchiest thing since Call Me Maybe.

But what’s super great is how infectious the video makes the song’s message. Macklemore’s building the anti-brand of thrift and non-materialism. It’s deliberate, subtle, and genius. Thrift store shopping is more “fucking awesome” than it used to be, because of this song.

Like anyone, I’m prone to the powers of suggestion and branding, to some degree. Honestly, I’m more inclined to go thrift shopping in the near future because of this song. Which will save me money and improve my happiness. (And my hipster cred.) This is socially progressive hip hop at its best: It can make your life better, and you may be having too much fun dancing to even notice.

I should probably say something here like WARNING EXPLICIT LYRICS. Also, give it a minute before you think I’m crazy. Trust me and the 13.5 million views as of the time of this post.