One thing at a time

After a fire, replacing one thing at a time.

After a death, we talk about taking one hour at a time. After a fire, we talk about replacing one thing at a time. Whatever the displaced need next to overcome the latest inconvenience becomes our focus for an hour or two.

Men’s shoes, size 10 1/2.
A blouse, business casual and loose.
Woman’s business casual shin-length pants.
A drivers license.
A pre-paid cell phone.
A wallet.
A dog leash and harness.
Dry dog food — brand doesn’t matter.
Another dog leash, this time with a more comfortable handle that lets you control the length.
A spiral stake to anchor the dog’s chain.
A muzzle.
Reading glasses.
Another set of women’s casual business clothes for another work day.

One thing at a time fills the days quickly. That’s a complete list of material needs we’ve had time to address in the three days since the fire. You can imagine the difference two dozen hygiene products from social workers made on Monday.

PS — Thank you everyone for the many offers of help. To be clear, this is not a plea for donations of stuff. We are dealing with needs as they come up. If you are local to West Linn, one way to help now is to join the Meal Train, a schedule of donated meals allowing the family to focus on all the other details. Market of Choice in West Linn is collecting donations. We are currently working with West Linn Lutheran Church to set up an official avenue to provide financial support and will have announcements soon. Please contact me if you would like to receive updates.