Simply a (Really Quite Amazing) Example

What Christianity means to me is… well, complicated isn’t exactly the right word. My views aren’t especially confusing, unclear, or difficult to explain. Perhaps “radical” is a better word. Radical as in “way different than normal”. I’ll write more about that soon.

For now, I just want to share something I saw recently that seemed to gel with my thinking.

I was impressed with the sermon notes my friend Eric Mann posted recently, especially his conclusion:

So today there are really three points you need to remember:

  1. That we were made expressly for the purpose of working
  2. That we were made to do specific good works that were prepared in advance
  3. That we were given the model of Christ to follow as we do these works in the service of others

I trip over #1. I’m skeptical that we “were made expressly” for anything. But! It does seem to me that work is a compulsion most of us have. If we were made for something, it is evidently to work.

I can also quibble with #2. I’m skeptical that some benevolent and detail-oriented deity has a master plan for you and for me. But! I feel compelled to take opportunities to do good works, and I see that is fairly common, and I think it’s remarkable (if not entirely magical) that there is no end of opportunities for us to exercise that compulsion.

But that’s all beside the point. Eric and I may not see eye to eye on my quibbles, but that’s fine with me. I admire him for his ethics, and for preaching them.

Number 3 is spot on. It is one of the tentpoles of my own personal religion.

If that is all Jesus was — nothing metaphysical about it, just a model Really Good Guy — that’s interesting enough for me. The guy was amazing.