Books in demand, January 2014

I recently combined households, and schlepped several boxes of books to Powell’s to sell, which provided some interesting insights into what’s popular.

Not in demand, according to Powell’s: Lord of the Rings. Twilight. Most lit from the ’30s through the ’00s.┬áMost four year old programming texts (covering iOS, Cocoa, Objective-C, .Net, and JavaScript).

In demand, according to Powell’s: The Silmarillion. Harry Potter. Hemingway. WordPress programming texts (even four year old ones!).

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3 thoughts on “Books in demand, January 2014”

  1. I can vouch for most of those decisions. Nobody buys computer books that are that old. We didn’t even look them up when I worked there. Tolkien they probably over stocked on when the inevitable wave from The Hobbit movie hit. The Silmarillion is likely popular right now because people are seeing parts of it in the Hobbit and wanting to get the source material so it likely sells shortly after they get a copy in. WordPress just rocks. I am very confused by Harry Potter.

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