My Talk Submission for WordCamp Portland 2013

This year’s WordCamp Portland organizers are trying some experiments this year with selecting speakers. First, they’ve asked for submissions in the form of video pitches. And, for the first time, the conference has a theme: Permanence.

I was planning to put a lot more time into this, but was strongly encouraged not to, so I knocked it out in about 20 minutes this evening after a full day of coworking at BeachPress. The video is fairly lo-fi, and straight to the point: Introducing the topic, describing its relevance to the conference’s theme of permanence, and introducing myself as the right person to give the talk.

Here’s my submission. It’s all about checklists.

Aren’t I cute? Vote for me!

Just kidding. There’s not actually a way to vote. But I’d love your feedback.

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