David Schmaltz: Because and Effect

My friend David Schmaltz writing at www.projectcommunity.com:

One of the systems would crash trying to process some unexpected booger in the data stream, and one of my crew would get a pre-dawn summons from the night shift operator and head into the office to get around the stall. […]

I learned that the most effective midnight debuggers didn’t really care about finding the root cause of these problems.

Read David’s full story and take-aways.

Wanted: Service to speed up video playback

I would love a service that sped up playback of web video. Like tubelooper.com (née infinitelooper.com) it would take a URI from a video hosting service, but instead of infinitely looping this service’s trick would be to increase playback speed, without altering audio pitch. Tis would be useful for quickly digesting conference videos, like RSA Animate video, but of course without the animation, and automated.